The Importance Of Early
Dental Check Up For Children

We all know that the health of our children begins with their teeth. The type and quality of dental care they receive during childhood can have lasting effects and have a healthy mouth as an adult. Therefore, parents need to provide good oral hygiene practices and receive preventative dental services like checkups every six months from the dentist.

To provide the utmost care, our dental team will start by assessing your child’s teeth and giving you instructions on how to keep their teeth clean at home. This dental checkup is vital in collecting information about the health of their mouth, which helps us create treatment plans tailored just right! You can be sure that we get to know each other by asking questions during this first meeting, so you won’t have to worry about coming back soon enough.

Why Choose
Ashburton Dental Centre As Your Children Dentist?

We all know what it feels like to have a cavity, and we want your child to not experience that pain. Our clinic offers quality care using advanced technology, modern equipment, and techniques that will help us provide a safe clinic for all of our patients’ dental needs!

Our goal is to establish a healthy relationship with every patient, especially children. We do this by keeping things fun and informative regarding procedures; we try to play games when showing how to brush teeth properly in an entertaining way. While talking about oral hygiene habits, we also give you (and your child) the best foods to have a healthy mouth while talking about oral hygiene habits! A great experience within our clinic will help avoid anxiety or nervousness during visits so that everyone can have access to dental care without feeling uncomfortable.

You can always count on us for expert dental care. If your child needs more than just basic fillings or a treatment that requires a deep understanding of complex issues, our dentist will refer them to a specialist who can address their case.

FAQ's About Children Dentistry In Martin

Dental Checkup

Our oral health professionals like working with children and helping them improve their dental health. They check for cavities, missing teeth, or signs of decay; our dentists take pride in offering a high standard of service so we can keep your child healthy.

Fissure Sealants

Dental sealants are great for keeping bacteria out of the deep pits and fissures in the back teeth. They can also prevent cavities or tooth decay because it will be easier to clean with a regular brush. Sealants can be applied in just a couple of minutes and don’t require numbing agents.

This is usually what we do when a child’s adult molars come in between the ages of 6 and 12.

Oral hygiene instruction

The first step in ensuring your child has clean teeth is selecting the appropriate toothbrush and flossing. It’s very important for them to brush their teeth twice a day and use tools like an electric toothbrush or fluoride treatments at home every day to keep their teeth clean.


Orthodontic treatment is a great way for children to improve their smiles, teeth, and jawlines. This treatment can help with issues such as improper alignment of teeth. Several factors determine the best course of action. Some patients might only need tooth movement, while others may require assistance with jaw growth or correction of a sucking habit that could reshape bone structure in ways you never imagined.

The initial visit is essential for building rapport with your child. We’ll go over the basics of their favourite foods and how to brush their teeth properly.

Your child may sit in the dentist’s chair or on your lap, depending on how comfortable they are. The dentist will examine their jaw and check for problems like caries (tooth decay) before advising about what you can do at home to keep teeth healthy, including teaching parents some common oral hygiene practices, nutritional food, and helpful tips about your kid’s teething.

The first dental visit can be a daunting experience for children, but it’s important to set positive expectations and make sure they have an enjoyable time. As long as you prepare your little one’s expectations in advance of their appointment, they’ll feel more confident going forward with future checkups!

The average cost of a child’s early dental assessment is $170. The price will vary depending on the location and whether or not it includes any other treatments that are required. This includes only a consultation with photographic records (intraoral).

The following are a few estimated costs for a child’s first dental visit:

  • Consultation: $65.42
  • Diagnostic model (per model): $64.65
  • Photographic records (intraoral): $36.65

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a Medicare programme that provides each qualifying child with \$1,000 in dental benefits for two calendar years. For more information about this benefit, you can visit the website of Services Australia or inform our dental staff to know how you can use it.

You can play a vital role in helping your child establish good oral hygiene habits. There are many ways that you can assist them in having good oral health as they grow.

For babies:

  • Use a soft clean cloth to clean their gums twice every day following the first feeding and before they sleep.
  • Make sure you brush your child’s teeth with a soft, small-bristled toothbrush and plain water as soon as their baby teeth start to erupt. If your little one is younger than two years old, consult a dental professional for advice on what type will best suit them.
  • Once your baby’s first teeth appear, set an appointment. The dentist will give you preventive instructions and routine checkups for them.

For children:

  • The best way to ensure that your child has healthy teeth is to guide them to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day.
  • Ask your child’s dentist to apply dental sealants, which help prevent tooth decay.
  • Little children need to be supervised while brushing their teeth. Make sure they only use a pea-sized amount of paste and spit it out rather than swallow it, which could cause harm.
  • Children under six should always be supervised while using dental hygiene products. Make sure that they use only a pea-sized amount and never swallow it. Help your child learn proper brushing techniques by teaching them how to spit out excess toothpaste.
  • To reduce the risk of cavities, advise them to limit sugary drinks and candies.
  • Schedule a regular dental appointment for their routine checkups.
All dental professionals can provide excellent dental care to patients of all ages, but paediatric dentists have in-depth training and experience in children’s dentistry. If your child needs a dental checkup, a general dentist or family dentist can perform it. You might need to send your child to a dentist who specialises in more complicated dental problems if they have them.

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