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Orthodontists are highly skilled in preventing, diagnosing, and performing dental procedures to address dental and facial abnormalities (these are often called orthodontic issues). Different services under orthodontic dentistry manage crooked teeth, poor bites, and jaw misalignment.

Orthodontists and general dentists alike help you improve your oral health, but they approach the process in different ways. Dentists treat a wide range of problems that mainly affect our dental health, from oral diseases such as tooth decay to missing teeth! In contrast, an orthodontist specialises in straightening teeth or aligning jaws and focusing on changing facial growth.

We are here to help you get your smile back on track. Our team will work closely with you to find the right treatment plan for your needs. Our orthodontists have years of experience in providing efficient procedures such as braces and Invisalign.

Our Orthodontic Services

Orthodontists can help you choose the best treatment for your situation, whether you need to move your teeth into the right place or correct facial flaws. They have the knowledge and skills to help you do this.

Invisalign (Invisible Aligners)

Imagine never having to wear braces but being able to realign your crooked teeth or gaps between them. You'll get an accurate idea of how your teeth would look with Invisalign during our initial appointment, and you may even find that it's a good option for you!

With the help of aligners, it is possible to straighten your teeth in just six months to two years, depending on your case. In most cases, they must be worn each day for 22 hours for best results and only removed when brushing or flossing your teeth.

Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth without any metal involvement. It's removable, comfortable, and easy to maintain, with little dietary restrictions!

Dental Braces

An ideal way to straighten your teeth is with braces. They provide greater control of tooth movement and offer better results than other treatments.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and bracket systems, you can expect faster outcomes with fewer checkups. We use orthodontic wires that move your teeth quickly, as well as a dental team that will make sure your results are high-quality in no time.

Your child will love being able to choose the colour of their rubber ring, and you can customise it for them too! We have a wide variety available, so even adult patients can choose their preferred colour to match their mood.

Why Choose Ashburton Dental Centre As Your Orthodontist

Here at Ashburton Dental Centre, we have a team of orthodontists who specialise in the alignment and correction of misaligned jaws using advanced technology. Our patient-focused practise helps ensure that your teeth are set correctly for an optimal smile without any pain or discomfort!

Orthodontic treatments can change your smile and boost your confidence, making you happier with yourself. Your teeth also have a positive influence on those around you!

Get the smile you’ve always wanted with our wide range of orthodontic treatment options. Our team cares about your oral health and helps you get beautiful smiles, while also making sure everyone can get affordable dental care.

FAQ’s About Orthodontic Treatments

Many factors determine the cost of orthodontic treatment, including the location of the dental office and what type of procedure is best suited for you.

The estimated cost of traditional braces near Martin can range from \$3,500 to \$4,000. This may include the initial consultation, intraoral x-ray, etc. In contrast, clear aligners may be less expensive than metal braces. The average cost of Invisalign is \$3,300, which includes a consultation, photos, a diagnostic model, and the first set of aligners for each arch.

Orthodontists are dental professionals who receive advanced training and focus on straightening teeth and aligning jaws with specialised devices such as dental braces. They can treat a wide range of orthodontic issues, such as bite problems or malocclusion, spacing issues, crooked teeth, and abnormal tooth eruption.

On the other hand, general dentists are primary dental care providers that offer treatment for more common oral health issues like tooth decay, gum problems, and perform essential dental treatments like fillings and tooth extraction. Both these dentists improve oral health in different ways.

The duration of your treatment plan will depend on a number of factors, including the severity and type (i.e., overbite, crossbites, etc.) of any bite problems you may have, as well as other oral health concerns such as age or health status. Your dentist can determine the estimated time of how long it will take to complete your individualised treatments using digital images.

Generally speaking, Invisalign treatment typically takes twelve to eighteen months to complete. However, you may notice a few changes and enjoy the benefits in as little as a few weeks.

The average time it takes to complete the treatment process of braces is twenty-four months. However, some patients require less than a year, while others may need three years or more before their teeth are in an optimal position.

Orthodontic services are a great way to improve dental health. It addresses the following issues:

  • Overcrowding and Spacing
  • Teeth and jaw misalignment
  • A unique dental midline
  • Gum problems
  • Aesthetic issues
  • Speaking and chewing difficulties.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists advises orthodontic consultation for children by the age of seven. Early evaluation and treatment ensure that teeth and jaws develop normally, preventing major dental problems later in life.

Teenagers are recommended to consult with our dentist. They are ideal for orthodontic treatment during this period because all of their adult teeth have erupted, and facial growth is still in process.

For adults, there is no such thing as too late when it comes to orthodontic treatment! Our variety of options are designed for your lifestyle and aesthetic needs.

Good oral health is essential for general physical well-being. Routine checkups during orthodontic treatment can help you maintain your straighter smile and happiness!

Furthermore, orthodontists and general dentists will team up to achieve the best results for you and your children. Even though a referral from a dentist isn’t necessary, it’s good to get a checkup from your family dentist and ask for a referral to an orthodontist.

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