All on 4 Dental Implants: Cost, Types & Treatment Options in Perth

All on 4 Dental Implants
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Ever dreamed of a smile that’s not just stunning but also hassle free? Well, say hello to All on 4 dental implants! Imagine a game changing dental solution that gives you a full set of teeth anchored on just four implants per jaw. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your grin! And the best part? Recent data shows that these implants are super successful, outlasting some twenty years or more for many.

This blog will be your ultimate guide, touching on everything from what they are to how they work, and all the rest. So, are you ready to get on a journey towards a brighter, worry free smile?

Define All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment

All on 4 is a modern concept in dental implant procedures to give an advanced and modern touch to your smile in just a few days. Ideal for individuals who have either lost all their original teeth or have substantial dental damage, this approach is carried out with the help of just four implants used to support the full set of replacement teeth.

Compared to conventional dental implant methods, All on 4 is notably less intrusive while delivering stunning, enduring outcomes.

What Does the Procedure of All on 4 Implants Look Like?

We provide all on 4 dentistry in Perth to address the smile concerns of our patients. This option is ideal for individuals coping with severely damaged or absent teeth. Our approach guarantees a smooth path toward achieving a rejuvenated smile:

  • Step 1: Initial Consultation
    The initial process in the all on 4 dental implant procedure begins with the first appointment with our team. During this initial consultation, we check for oral conditions that would confirm that All on 4 dental implant therapy suits you well. We also take x rays, take mouth impressions, and explore the best treatment option.
  • Step 2: Titanium Posts Placement
    We will then check your eligibility for All on 4 dental implants and plan the surgery accordingly, which will be required for implantation with titanium posts. This would just include a minor incision in your gum and would go on to place the titanium post into your jawbone. In addition, the site will be closed with stitches.
  • Step 3:Osseointegration
    After the­ surgery, let your mouth heal. Ove­r time, the titanium posts will fuse with your jawbone­ through a process called osseointe­gration. When complete fusion between the posts and jawbone is achieved, then we proceed to the next stage of the procedure.
  • Step 4: Affixing Replacement Teeth
    After the initial steps of the All on 4 dental implant process, the following step is securing the replacement teeth. Your replacement teeth will be made up in front of you and picked to match your natural teeth in colour and shape. These replacement teeth will then be attached to titanium posts once ready.
  • Step 5:Follow up
    We’ll get back to you again in a few weeks, where we’ll review the situation with your new teeth to ensure all’s well and all is back to normal. If any changes are needed to make them fit better, we’ll take care of that too.
  • Step 6:Recovery Period
    With All on 4 dental implants, you will recover quicker than with the traditional ones. That’s because the procedure’s less invasive. Most people who go for All on 4 can get back to their routine in just a few days.

Types of All on 4 Dental Implant

The various types of all on 4 implants based on the material are outlined below:

  • Acrylic Implants
    Acrylic implants typically use a titanium bar to link the implants together. This is the classic choice and was the earliest one on the market. It’s a popular choice among people who don’t clench or grind their teeth. It is known to be the cheapest option and the simplest to repair if needed. You can find it in different sizes and shapes. Plus, it offers a softer bite, giving a more natural sensation. However, it lacks the visual appeal of other options and tends to have a shorter lifespan. Over time, they can wear down and may need regular maintenance.
  • Porcelain
    Another choice for these implants is porcelain. These implants resemble the traditional crown and bridge style, providing durability and a longer lasting aesthetic appeal compared to other options. One critical advantage is that of being customised to fit individual preferences. However, the disadvantage is their nature of being expensive, and it involves looking for a competent and highly skilled provider to get the best results. Additionally, repairing damage or breakage can pose challenges. Nonetheless, their aesthetic quality generally outshines other products.
  • Zirconia
    Another alternative among these implants is zirconia. Although relatively new to the lineup, it boasts several advantages. For instance, it’s exceptionally robust and resilient, reducing the likelihood of damage. While it has the potential to look stunning, achieving this outcome largely depends on the proficiency of the dental provider. Crafting an aesthetically pleasing look requires considerable experience. Additionally, zirconia implants can be tailored to individual preferences. However, they are costly and difficult to repair if they do break.

Cost of All on 4 Dental Implant in Perth

Factors contributing to the all on 4 dental implant cost in Perth mainly encompass two critical aspects: the number of implants required and the complexity of each case. Typically, fewer implants are needed with All on 4—in most cases, only four to support a full set of teeth, as opposed to the norm of four to eight implants required by traditional ones. Additionally, because the procedure is much less invasive than traditional surgery, there is a significantly more economical choice for patients. Moreover, the requirement for bone grafting is often reduced. Keeping every point in mind, you should anticipate a cost ranging from $19,000 to $80,000 for these dental implants.

Procedure Costs
Upper $19,000   $25,000
Lower $19,000   $25,000
Both Upper and Lower Starting at around $40,000



All on 4 dental implants are an exceptional option that can change your smile, and Ashburton Dental Care shows great expertise in doing it. Our streamlined procedure ensures a quick recovery, allowing you to return to your normal life promptly. If you’re considering All on 4 implants, Ashburton Dental Care is your ideal destination for a radiant smile and optimal oral health.

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